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Skate-Tec M-Wave Firm Short Track Blades

Skate-Tec is the new company of legendary blade engineer Johan Bennink founder of Maple and Evo Short track skating has evolved immensely over the past few years. Athletes are reaching higher speeds and pushing the limits of their equipment on the ice surface. the...READ MORE

Boot and blade offset / setup for intermediate skaters

May 24, 2014 • Posted by Tom in Blog • Tags: , Comments Off on Boot and blade offset / setup for intermediate skaters

I came across this article recently on the site, from the world renowned Olympic coach Sue Ellis. The main message is; when starting out, keep the blade centrally aligned and as you advance you may start to move it over to keep that ‘natural’...READ MORE

Evo Argon Short Track Blades

DISCOUNTED PRO SERVICE AND SET-UP AVAILABLE WITH THIS BLADE! Top of the line pre-bent Short Track blades, the Evo Argon is their strongest, highest stiffness option by Evo and worn by many of the top male skaters in the 2018 Olympics. Engineered to provide additional...READ MORE

Tri Guards

Ultimate protection when walking to the ice pre race, use in conjunction with cotton soakers to keep your blades in A1 condition. Available in a variety of colours, please ask about the latest stock!

Evo Cotton Soakers

Protect your blades in transport and after sessions from rust, super absorbent cotton lining and nylon outer.

Evo Skate Bag / Backpack

*NEW PRODUCT* Multi function backpack / skate bag from Evo. With a large main compartment and room for skates to fit into specially designed external side pockets, this is an ideal bag for training and race days. There are multiple additional pockets and expandable areas...READ MORE

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