About Us

Speed Equipment by Tom Iveson has been supplying the very best equipment and advice to the UK for over 10 years. We have a passion for bringing out the best performance from every athlete regardless of whether it will be your first time on the ice or your 10,000th hour!

Started in 2001 by Tom Iveson to support the needs of the Great Britain Short Track team in preparation for their Olympic campaigns, Speed Equipment has grown to incorporate a wide range of manufacturers, products and services and now includes long track and cycling equipment.

Tom’s career started in Solihull Ice rink, home of the Mohawks Ice Racing Club and after watching the greats such as Apollo Ohno, Mark Gagnon and Jai Jun Lee at the World Championships in Sheffield 2000 found himself racing the following year for the National Team as part of the relay team at the World Championships in Korea 2001.

Over the next 10 years he went on to achieve an impressive collection of National records, National titles winning every distance, European Championship Medals, World Championship medals and after 2 previous Olympic campaigns became an Olympian at the Vancouver Olympic Games in 2010 finishing 6th in the relay.

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