New Rule Changes

November 16, 2011 • Posted by Tom in Blog  

2010 Short Track Rule Changes

By Susan Ellis

There have been significant changes by the ISU to the short track racing rules. These rule changes will drastically change the way skaters conduct themselves in racing. I had an opportunity to see the new rules in action at a recent American Cup competition, and I have to say I like the new rules. At first it was thought they would make the sport more dangerous but the reverse seems to be happening and skaters seem to be adjusting and skating safer. I found it also made the rules clearer as to what would and would not be called. Of course, as in any sport where there is referee’s discretion, there will always be some disagreement, but there seemed to be less ambiguity with the new rules. Here is a synopsis of the changes and some videos to show the how the new rules are implemented. See Susan’s full article here

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