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CBC Sharpening Jig

The CBC Pro-Sharpening Frame provides a step up from low end sharpening jigs and includes features of the most advanced jigs on the market today. Pro-Sharpening Frame comes complete with top-stops boasting hardened steel contact pins. This will ensure many years of consistent blade levelling, as...READ MORE

Tungsten de-burring tip

THE most efficient way to remove burr when sharpening your skates! 1-2 runs up the blade cuts off the burr, less top burr = less drag, more speed! Speed Equipment has selected the optimal brand and model for short track blades.

DMT Diamond Burr/Side Stone

DMT diamond side stone 70mm, quickly removes burr when sharpening and smooths out nicks in a blade, guaranteed flat for precision and can be used along with the tungsten carbide cutting tip.

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